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2010 April

PLUG Meeting   [6 PM - 9 PM]   (Tksoft Oy, Papinkatu 19)
PLUG in Herttoniemi   [6 PM - 9 PM]   (Sailor's, Laivalahdenkaari 29)

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April 2010 is a slow month. Only one meeting planned for the 21st, at the Sailor's Bar in Herttoniemi.

Let's learn C! First we will write a mini DNS server. We got started on Jan 30th, 2007, by writing a small app which listens for DNS packets and prints them out. The code is available in the files directory. GNU license, of course.

Linux logo ala Mikko
[Tux by Mikko]

PLUG appearance on October 25th, 2005, on the Radio Neukkula podcast.

PLUG had a joint-meeting with Porvoo Radio Amateurs on August 24th, 2005. Some pictures of the meet can be found here.

We meet every Tuesday, 6PM - 8PM. We discuss alternately GNU/Linux and gadgets. See this month's schedule on the left (the actual meeting agenda depends on the members present). Here are some topics:

  • Linux installation
  • Linux and Windows/Apple used together
  • Shell scripts

We meet at Papinkatu 19, at the WSOY building next to Porvoo City Library. Entrance is through the door which says "Jäntin Taidekokoelma." If you have problems, please call Troy at 040-570-9900.

The PLUG has a mailing list. To join, please visit the lists page. Please also visit the contact page, and add yourself as a member, so you can get your voice heard.

PLUG's goal is popularizing the use of GNU/Linux. If you think you could be of help, or if you would like to join, please let us know. Participation is gratis (whereas GNU/Linux is free [as in freedom]). Participants include novices as well as experienced linux users.
Linux logo ala Roope

Please visit PLUG GNU/Linux links page. (Please use the LINKS link on the left hand side of the page once this notice is gone.)

[Tux by Roope]

PLUG Contact Information:

At the gadget club we discuss various gadgets, whether they have GNU/Linux or not.

PLUG comments about EU software patents.

We started PLUG's Linux From Scratch project on May 07, 2003.

Roope created several logos for PLUG. We selected one for a PLUG t-shirt and now you can see proud PLUGGERS walking around Porvoo with these new shirts on. Snow? We don't care about snow! We are PLUGGERS!

FLUG (LUG in Helsinki) ry organized a Linux introduction day in Helsinki, at the "Vanha Ylioppilastalo" on Saturday, September 21st, 2002.
Markus took some pictures at the event:
FLUG 1 (Alan Cox)
FLUG 2 (Pluggers)
Alan Cox, a kernel developer and a British person, was a featured guest. He's the bearded guy in the pictures.

Some files published by PLUG.

PLUG was on Radio Vega on March 13th, 2001. On March 7th, 2001, there was an article about PLUG in Uusimaa. Our Porvoo penguin photograph was there too (see homepage).

PLUG's Library, i.e. GNU/Linux books available to members.

Our first meeting was on March 8th, 2000.

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