Read a file and search for a pattern.

This is a demo program, to show how we can search through a file using mmap or regular reads. The mmap version is actually so inefficient that it works slower than regular reading. Efficiently wasn't the point here, though, so fixing it is left for later.

Output is a list of offsets into the file, where you can find the searched for text. You can make sure the search gave you the right offset with dd. E.g.
dd if=somefile.txt skip={offset} ibs=1 count=9
(Note: 9 is length of "some text"; {offset} is the number generated by this program.) dd will print out the text from the file. It should be same as the text you searched for.

Note: if you search in a device file, such as /dev/hda1, you will be asked for size of the file, as the file doesn't have a "size."

Usage: ./finder somefile.txt 'some text'

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